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   Welcome to the Cristo Joven website of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Hammel St. in East Los Angeles. Please explore and come to know more about Cristo Joven's activities past, present, and future. Be sure to check regularly for calendar, galleries, and announcements updates. 

Thank you
from Cristo Joven

January 27th:
Finaly fixed bug about adding pictures! Calendar and future activities updated too!

October 31st:
Finally updated website. New pictures added and calendar updated.

April 27th:
The Cristo Joven retreat team of 2009.

April 19th:

Thank  you to Miraculous Medal for inviting us to join you at the bowling ally for lots of fun.

April 10th:
Cristo Joven performs the Via Crusis on the streets of East LA. Special thanks goes to our director Meagan M. and her crew for new costumes.


January 30th
OLG Baby Bottle Drive
Drop off
February 13th Prayer Walk
February 20th Convalescent Home visit
February 27th Parent Conf. Retreat
February 28th OLG Baby Bottle Drive Pickup
March 5, 6, & 7th
New Life Retreat @ SF
March 18th
Youth Day
March 19, 20, &21
RE Congress
 April 2nd
 Via Crusis
 April 3rd
 5k Run Walk for Peace
 April 16, 17, & 18th
 Confirmation Retreat

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